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Callie Lewis Watson

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& Debra "Lady" Lockett

Founder and President Emeritus

Forty Plus Models, Inc. was first a dream conceived by Callie Lewis-Watson.  The desire to present mature models on the runway became a reality in May 1990 when forty friends of Callie came together to present the first Forty Plus Fashion Show.  The show paid tribute to Mildred Johnson, Houston’s first black runway model.  The show was held at the Stouffer Hotel in Houston, Texas.

 The Forty Plus Models, Inc. was officially organized in January of 1993.  The goal of the Forty Plus Models, Inc. is to show women over forty that they can be beautiful, graceful with mature and dignified styles from a size zero (0) to a size twenty four (24).  We also have male models.

After eighteen years of service, Emeritus Callie Lewis-Watson retired as President of Callie Lewis-Watson & Forty Plus Models, Inc. to move on to the next phase of her life.

Debra Lockett, who is the daughter of Callie Lewis-Watson, is the new President/CEO of Callie Lewis-Watson & The Forty Plus Models, Inc.  Her vision is to continue to move the organization forward towards the 21st century.



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